5 Reasons Why Your Association Needs a Mobile App

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Mobile apps are an important part of your association’s digital strategy. They can provide members with ultra-fast access to important information, improve member engagement and make payments easier. Additionally, an app can enable your members to submit surveys quickly and easily. If you’re not using a mobile app to engage with your membership, it’s time to give one a try!

Provide Ultra-Fast & Easy Access With Mobile Apps

Associations can leverage mobile apps to improve business, member engagement and increase membership. These apps provide members with access to essential information about their membership, such as a calendar of events. They can also access important benefits and rewards. These apps can also be used to make donations and membership purchases.

Mobile apps are increasingly popular for associations. Not only can they help associations engage their membership and share knowledge, but they also make their products and services more accessible. For example, the National Association of Letter Carriers released an organizational app for members in summer 2016, and it has proven to be a useful communication, government relations, and work support tool for NALC members.

Make Payment Easier With A Mobile App

As mobile technology continues to grow, more people are turning to apps on their mobile devices. Most associations still use email and their website to provide value to members, but a growing number are turning to mobile technology as a way to communicate with their members. However, only about five percent of associations currently offer a mobile app. In today’s world, almost everyone owns a smartphone. Mobile applications are a great way to connect with members more personally.

Mobile apps can help you grow your membership, fundraising, and sponsorship revenues. They can also be useful for depositing checks, finding ATMs, and reviewing payment status. A mobile app can make these processes easier and faster.

Use Push Notifications To Engage Members

Push notifications are a great way to keep members up-to-date on important events and updates. You can customize your push messages and personalize them by integrating emojis, which are proven to increase retention. Ideally, you’ll also include an option for members to change their notification preferences.

In order to maximize engagement, consider sending your members in-app messages that explain the benefits of opting in to push notifications. This will increase the chances of opting in. Remember that your messages should convey your brand’s value. You don’t want to send out the same message to everyone, so use catchy, meaningful language.

Another way to increase engagement is to segment your users by demographic. For example, a clothing brand may want to send different messages to men and women. Or it could send different messages to kids and adults. Segmented push notifications are much more effective than generic broadcast messages. You can also geo-target your users by their location, making your push notifications more relevant for each group.

Survey Your Membership Quickly And Effectively

Surveying your membership is one of the best ways to ensure that your association is getting the right data. Whether you want to find out what your members think about your association’s services or how to improve them, a mobile app can help you achieve both. Its user-friendly interface makes the process easy and straightforward, and the survey tool itself can help you to create customized survey questions.

Survey takers respond more easily to short questions with clear visuals. Unlike text-based questions, visuals encourage participants to offer feedback. This means that they’re more likely to share useful information. In addition, typing out long form responses is time-consuming and can be a challenge for some users.

Build A Social Network For Members

In-app resource centers are great tools for association members to stay updated on important information. They can access files, podcasts, videos, and other content quickly and easily. Additionally, they can receive notifications when new content is available. In addition, in-app resource centers can help keep members informed about upcoming events.

Highlights of member activities can be a great way to make members feel proud and engaged. You can include pictures, videos, and even family photos of members doing what they do best. Seeing these member highlights will make other members want to share in the glory. They’ll even contribute their own anecdotes about the person in question.

An association mobile app should feature a dedicated launch support team. A company like MobileUp offers launch support to associations, which is critical for app growth. These professionals monitor downloads and recommend resources to increase their clients’ app’s reach. The key to a successful launch is to be unique. You should create an app that offers members unique content, engaging content, and a fun user experience.

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