7 Cool Things You Can Do With Snapchat

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The Snapchat ephemeral messaging application has many features that may be interesting for users, related to videos, photo and text editing, content, etc.

The Snapchat ephemeral messaging application has many tools that allow you to share original content. Features for video recording or photo editing, among others, some of which you may be familiar with, but others you may discover below.

1 – Zoom in during a recording

Not long ago, Snapchat included among its options that of being able to zoom while recording a video. This can be done easily by dragging your finger up on the screen to zoom in, or down to zoom out.

2 – You switch cameras during a video

The app now allows users to switch between the front and rear cameras of their smartphone while recording a video. To do this, the user must start recording with one of the cameras of his choice first and, at the moment when he thinks it is more convenient to switch to the other camera; he must double-click on the screen of his smartphone and it will I would make the change.

Many people think that Snapchat is only good for sharing videos and photos taken on the spot from the application itself. However, this is not the case, since the application also allows you to share photos from the smartphone’s gallery. This is an option available for direct messages with your contacts.

4 – Increase the size of the text

By clicking on the small letter “T” in the upper right corner of your smartphone in the app, it allows you to add a text to any photo or video that users share. In this way, the text would appear small, but it can be enlarged by clicking on “T” again, something that not all users are aware of. Thus, the new font will be larger and thicker than the original version. In addition, this new, larger font can be enlarged even more by swipe- ing over the text in the same way as when zooming.

5 – Change the color of individual words

The default text is white, but Snapchat allows users to change the color of the text, not only the entire text, but you can also change the color word by word. This offers more creative opportunities for snaps.

6 – Add filters, time, temperature or speed

Just like on Instagram, Snapchat allows you to add filters to snaps, photos, or videos. These include color filters, city filters, temperature, the weather where you are, and even your speed. Normally, the first options that appear when adding a filter are the color filters, but if we keep looking, there are already many more creative options to choose from. Also, once you choose a color filter, you can continue adding others like temperature or time, for example.

7 – Add friends using Snapcodes

It is a smart and easy way to add new contacts to Snapchat. Each user has a Snapcode, which works similar to QR codes. This Snapcode consists of a yellow background with black dots and the white ghost characteristic of the ephemeral messaging social network, and can be found by clicking on the ghost at the top of the screen camera. Thus, to add a new friend, it will be necessary to take a picture of their Snapcode, go to the “Add friends” option, and then “Add from Snapcode”. Another way to do it that is much easier is to use the camera of the application itself, so that through it it is necessary to focus the code and it will automatically recognize what the user is trying to do and offer the option to add as new dude.

Snapchat is an application that does not stop growing and that, as you can see, offers multiple functionalities. It currently already has more than 200 million monthly active users, 100 million of them connect daily, and it is also the third most used social network in the United States, surpassing even Twitter. It does not stop renewing itself and other applications, such as Facebook, try to copy some of its features related to photo editing. This is the app that more and more young users are choosing and brands are increasingly trying to reach them through Snapchat. Thus, it has recently included new advertising formats, including vertical video, and they will surely continue to add new features. Do any of the mentioned characteristics call your attention?


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