7 Fashionable Items That Should Be Part Of Every Pakistani Man’s Wardrobe

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Extensive wardrobes and fashion staples are not just limited to women anymore. Pakistani men are now picking up the pace and are at the top of their fashion game.

If you are new to the fashion world and have no idea about all the wardrobe essentials you need in your closet, this guide is exactly what you need. Read on till the end to get a basic idea of all the wardrobe essentials.

Must-Have Items for Your Closet

Let’s get started with men’s wardrobe essentials. We will begin at the bottom and work our way up!

1.  Shoes for All Occasions

You need at least one pair of casual shoes, dress shoes, and boots.

You have a lot of options for casual shoes. White sneakers are versatile and work for a number of outfits. One drawback is that they get dirty often and are high maintenance. You can go with black sneakers to avoid scuff marks. Two-tone sneakers in neutral shades are also a great idea. They stand out in the crowd and also go with multiple outfits.

Sneakers can also be paired with smart outfits. Just make sure the sole is thin and delicate rather than chunky to make them work for several occasions.

Next up are dress shoes. When choosing your first pair of dress shoes, ask yourself how dressed up you want to get. Loafers are a great option for those who don’t dress up much. If you wear a suit occasionally, you want dress shoes that complement your shoes, such as double monks. However, if you wear suits frequently, then you should go with classic formal shoes.

That brings us to the last item: boots. Your choice of boots also depends on your usage. For a suit lover, Chelsea boots are a great idea. If you prefer a laid-back look with jeans, go with a chukka. Chunkier casual boots with a combat boot design are also a great option.

2.  Easy-to-Match Pants

If you have a couple of versatile pants in your closet, you’re all set. Begin with two pairs of dark denim. Jeans can be used to dress up and down, making them versatile.

Next, get yourself two pairs of slacks. You can choose gray flannel for cooler climates and match everything in your closet. Casual options include khakis and chinos. If you commute a lot, pick some commuter pants. They are a type of slacks in a high-stretch fabric that’s suitable for work environments as well.

Lastly, you need a pair of shorts for a casual gathering. If you live in hotter climates, go with multiple stylish shorts to keep you cool and comfy.

3.  Collared Dress & Casual Shirts

You cannot imagine a life without having some great pieces of men’s formal shirts in Pakistan. For a fashionable survival, you should have a couple of dress shirts and collared button-downs.

Dress shirts come with a maximum of one pocket and are more formal. They don’t have any decorative features, and you can wear one under a jacket. On the contrary, casual button-downs come in many patterns and styles.

If you wear suits and sports jackets often, pick more dress shirts and less casual ones, whereas if you are more of a casual dresser, a lesser number of formal shirts are advised.

4.  Casual Non-Collared Shirts

Non-collared casual pieces include t-shirts. They come in stretchy fabrics and are good for everyday casual wear.

You should have a couple of basic colored t-shirts, including black, white, blue, maroon, and gray. V-neck t-shirts are a great idea to accentuate your physique. You can pair them with trousers for a smart-casual look. 

If you need something that’s more formal and comfy at the same time, polo shirts are also a great idea.

5.  Different Types of Jackets

You should have at least two to three suit jackets, sports jackets, and blazers. If you regularly wear suits, then, of course, you need more than just three.

Suit jackets are the most formal ones, where the jacket and the pants are made from the same fabric. Suits generally come in darker tones, but you can go with lighter shades as per your preference.

Sports jackets come in various lighter shades and are more textured and rugged. They are casual and can be paired with jeans.

Blazers come in darker shades, like navy, with gold buttons. They are somewhere in between suits and sports jackets, so you can use them for semi-formal settings.

6.  High Style & Functional Coats

Two pieces of outerwear are must-haves—one should be high-style, and the other should be functional.

The functional piece is to protect you from the cold weather and rain. The high-style piece is to make you look classy when the need arises. It can be a suede or a leather jacket and doesn’t necessarily have to be functional.

7.  Signature Accessories

Believe it or not, accessories can make all the difference in the world.

The first signature accessory is a wristwatch. If you wear suits multiple times a week, a watch with a leather strap will go well with all your outfits. You can always switch the strap to better match your outfits or change it to mesh when dressing down.

If you are not a fan of neckties, you can just buy one navy grenadine tie, and you are all set. If you want to take it one step ahead, go for less formal knit or pattern ties. Pindot and tiny dot patterns go well with everything. Darker colors are also more suitable due to their versatility.

You should also have at least one pocket square. Plain white is the most formal and versatile.

Make sure you have at least one decent pair of sunglasses that complement your face shape. Wayfarers and aviators suit almost all men.

Hats are also a functional accessory, depending on the climate. For summers, try a baker boy cap and a navy watch cap for winters. During the cold weather, you can pair the winter hat with a neutral-shade scarf.

A smart belt is the last accessory you need to finish the look. Your formal belts should be slimmer and shiny, whereas casual belts should be wider and matte. Remember to always match the color of your accessories to make a striking appearance.

Bottom Line

With that, we have covered everything you need to know about your wardrobe essentials. Hopefully, you learned something new today. Try all the suggestions and tips discussed above and you’ll notice a dramatic difference in your appearance!

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