A Guide to Materials and Printing Methods For Bottle Neckers

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Beverage Business consider Custom Bottle Neckers as an important and beneficial tool in marketing. Neckers are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors, to pull in the target audience to your beverage products. But have ever mulled over what makes Custom bottle Neckers so attractive and beneficial?

Well, this effect owes to the paper used and printing and coating techniques used when Neckers are being crafted. There is a plethora of printing and coating options that are used in the packaging industry.

This blog gives deep insight into what are the different printing techniques and papers used in the manufacturing process.

So let us start without further ado!

Types of paper used in the manufacturing of personalized Bottle Neckers

On the industrial level, four types of paper are utilized:

1-Corrugated paper

2-Rigid paperboard

3-Cardboard material

4-Kraft material

Corrugated paper:

The corrugated paper belongs to the cardboard family which has relatively greater thickness and contains heavy paper pulp in its composition. It creates a thick arrangement of cards that transforms into a strong box, which makes it a must-choice for crafting packaging boxes and bottle Neckers. Corrugated paper comes in a specific zig-zag-like pattern.  The zig-zag pattern is accountable for affording extra strength for all sides of the packaging box and the surface of Necker.

Here is a list of advantages that corrugated paper affords to Custom bottle Neckers:



3-Lightweight and versatile

4-Cost effective

2-Rigid Paperboard:

Rigid paperboard is mostly utilized to manufacture printed bottle Neckers.

Manufacturing of rigid paperboard involves Kraft paper of high thickness usually varying from 36- to 120-point thickness. It is flexible and thus can be wrapped in your desired material or shape. Just as corrugated boxes, rigid paperboard paper is also customizable and thus a great choice for manufacturing bottle Neckers.


Cardboard is a word frequently read and spoken in the packaging field. This material is popular for its great strength and recyclability features. It is specially extracted from paper pulp, which makes it lightweight, versatile, and hard.

Next to that, it is biodegradable, renewable, and reusable and these traits make this material an appropriate choice for crafting personalized bottle Neckers.

4-Kraft material:

It is a naturally found material that has brown color and has phenomenal strength for packaging material and Neckers as well. Kraft is mainly made of pulp that gives durability, elasticity, and eco-friendliness. An important advantage of this material is that it supports different printing techniques and themes to impart the packaging a unique and alluring look.  

Therefore, it also turns out to be a good material for the manufacturing of custom bottle Neckers.

Different printing options are used while manufacturing Custom bottle Neckers

In the above section, we covered the types of paper material used for manufacturing Custom bottle Neckers. Now, we will discuss different printing techniques used at the industrial level to give custom-printed bottle Neckers an exciting look.

This printing technique is often used to produce high-resolution prints, themes, and images on custom bottle Neckers.

So, it is a recommended choice for cardboard as it Neckers’ a good finish on its surface.

 2-Digital printing techniques used:

Another prevalent printing technique is digital printing. Luckily, it does not require any setup cost and this technique utilizes digital files to print high-quality designs on the Custom bottle Neckers imparting them a ravishing appearance.

So, which printing option suits you? You can opt for one keeping in mind the benefits of either one.

Moreover, you can read this article to get an insight into the differences between these two printing techniques:

Color Models for bottle Neckers:

Colors infuse a fresh life of attraction and charm into everything and custom bottle Neckers are no exception. 

Since bottle Neckers are meant to efficiently marketize the beverage brand, they need to be marketing-oriented and beautiful as well.

So, you need to choose from a few color models to print designs in the right designs on bottle Neckers to make them look appealing.

You have the option to utilize Pantone colors which are flavor-depicting and appropriate for Neckers’ design.

There are other color models as well to support Neckers’ design.

1-CMYK model:

This color scheme comprises 4 colors. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and black are the four colors that are mostly used in this model. You can make numerous color combinations for cardboard bottle Neckers by blending a new color in these colors.

The Pantone model affords a great finish. This exclusive color model is always used after being approbated by the Pantone organization.

Final Words:

We have cast light on different paper types and printing techniques used in Necker’s manufacturing.

If you are looking for top-notch packaging services, contact Global Custom Packaging.

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