Best 5 Magento Tools For E-commerce Website Development

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Every eCommerce website has different features and services to provide to the end users. Many marketers want to customize the look, function, and content of the website to engage users in large numbers. Currently, Magento is the best CMS to create an online marketing platform and helps retailers grow their business digitally. Magento powers more than 100,000 merchants and has been widely used since the beginning. According to a survey, about 35% of people around the world use online shopping platforms. The growth rate of the e-commerce industry is quite amazing and it is slowly spreading its wings. Also, many customers have switched from brick-and-mortar businesses to e-commerce. The best way to meet your ecommerce business needs is to hire Magento 2 developer.

Top Magento Tools to Build an E-commerce Website

Creating a strong website requires knowledge of the appropriate development tools to ensure the development of a high-quality website that can handle thousands of users. Many tools are available for Magento 2 developers and beginners but using these the right way is most important. Here is a collection of highly recommended Magento 5 development tools.

  1. Magento Debug

It is a great tool for developers as it helps them to use the debugger. With the feature list in the toolbar, developers can easily understand all the processes. In addition, a comprehensive review of the events distributed during the request can be made. This tool is also very important to list collections & models loaded on Magento server.

2. Multi-Store Search Fields

Magento has features to support multiple stores in one entry. You can ask the relevant Magento 2 development service providerto implement this application. This tool helps in customizing the search so that the end user does not face any hassle when shopping. With the reconfiguration of the advanced search, the important areas of the store can be identified.

3. PHP Storm

E-commerce websites come in many sizes that include low and high user engagement. PHPStorm is a great tool that helps manage large projects efficiently. When the development company is in the development stage, this tool helps to manage the code efficiently which saves a lot of time. It also helps with application profiles.

4. Image Optimizer

Most of the product images listed on the website are high resolution. They slow down the loading speed of the website, so it is important to optimize the image size. The performance of an e-commerce website can be improved immediately by using image optimization tools. It integrates images using Cron. Images with extensions like .jpg, .png and .gif are easy to compress with the Image Optimizer tool.

5. Mage Tool

There are many tasks that need to be done several times when you are setting up an eCommerce store. The Mage tool enhances this feature. It is no longer necessary to switch between different systems and management tools, and this tool works to make all the rules work properly. All work is done automatically by this tool by creating modules. Magento development is a difficult task if the right tools are not used. The tools we’ve reviewed will help you start and improve your productivity. Common errors during store development can also be reduced with such tools.


Magento is the most recommended CMS for creating e-commerce sites as it is an open source and promises better conversion rates, smooth navigation and increased revenue and much more. Connect with a leading Magento 2 development company to get help in creating a successful and beautiful website. The company has a team of Magento developers that will bring a lot of productivity to all your projects.

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