Bomb Blanket: Expectations VS. Reality

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Bomb blankets have been used in many places to offer unmatched protection. However, with the rise in their usage, many people often overestimate or underestimate them. While these things will often mean nothing, most of the time, due to the way they are shown in movies or serials, people can have a specific type of mindset, which often may not be true.

In this article, we will understand the reality of bomb and ballistic blankets. Based on this, you can determine whether you are overestimating or underestimating the functionality of the bomb blanket.

Bomb Blankets in movies

Although the bomb blankets are occasionally projected in movies, they are still used in many areas. However, as we all know, movies can be dramatic and can often involve scenes that are superficial. So, they may not always project the reality of bomb blankets.

Indeed, bomb blankets can be used in self-defense and also it can contain a bomb explosion. However, the bomb blanket, just like every other item, has a limit, and when it reaches this limit, the explosion can rip apart the bomb blanket.

For example, bomb blankets may not work well in containing rocket launcher explosions or C4 explosions. However, they can work magnificently in containing pipe bombs, electrical explosions, and fragmented grenades.

Often movies can show blankets containing massive explosions and saving the day. However, it may not necessarily work in some circumstances.

Can a bomb blanket protect you from a nuclear explosion?

Many people search for nuclear bomb blankets, but something like that doesn’t exist. A nuclear explosion produces a shockwave of heat. And you may think, that lying on the ground while being covered with the bomb blanket will offer protection from the explosion. However, the heat produced from the nuclear explosion will be nothing like the usual explosion.

Your chances of survival are based on how far you are from the center of the explosion. The farther, the better. In a proximity of 1 mile, covering yourself with a bomb blanket will not do any good. The gamma radiation will pass straight through the bomb blanket, and the heat that comes along with the shockwave will have a temperature of almost 3000° C, which is enough to make you toast.

So, the only chance you have of surviving is by keeping your distance and taking shelter underground. However, the chances of any nation dropping a nuke are unlikely, as it goes against the world peace treaty.

How to use a bomb blanket?

A bomb blanket comes with various safety levels. These safety levels determine how sturdy a bomb blanket is and up to what level of threat it can secure you from. NIJ determines this, a national authority tasked to provide you with these safety guidelines.

Before using a bomb blanket, ascertain how much safety it can offer you. Then based on the level of safety, use them accordingly. For example, you wouldn’t want to wrap a weak bomb blanket around a powerful bomb. So, keep these things in check when using a bomb blanket.

  • The first and most potent way is to use the bomb blanket to wrap up the bomb with the bomb blanket and secure it. So that even if the bomb goes off, its fragments and heat wave will be contained by the bomb blanket.
  • Another great way to use the bomb blanket is to throw it over a window or door to stop bullets. Of course, it will stop bullets up to a certain speed; if any projectile exceeds this limit, it will pass through the blanket.

End note

In difficult situations, you should always rely on the best tool, which is your brain. Other than that, every other thing will only assist in your safety. Surely you can put your faith in them, but you can never put 100% of your faith. So, be sure to use your brain and make decisions calmly and thoughtfully.

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