Everything to need to Know about Wedding Ring Set

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When it comes to taking our relationship to the next level, we all think of getting the best engagement ring for our partner. We search all the authentic jewellery shops, trying to choose from diamond engagement rings or gemstone engagement rings. In doing so, we definitely get the best and an aesthetic ring for our partner, however, we do not spend that much time choosing a wedding ring which is equally important or even more important than an engagement ring. Whereas an engagement ring symbolises love, loyalty, mutual bonding and taking the relationship to the next level, a wedding ring symbolises the bonding between the two people becoming stronger than before and lasting of the relationship for eternity. Therefore, it is important to spend an equal amount of time in choosing the best wedding band for your D day.

What is Wedding Ring Set:-

In this article we shall be looking at some of the important aspects about the wedding ring set. There are different types of jewellery shops in the UK, such as AG & Sons, where you will get certified and hallmarked jewellery for yourself, such as diamond full eternity rings and so on. Here you will get different types of engagement rings and wedding bands as well. Basically, they sell the engagement rings and wedding bands as sets. After the engagement, you can choose the wedding band of your choice which should coordinate and go well with your engagement ring. Wedding bands are available for both bride and groom which they exchange in the wedding ceremony. Brides generally wear their wedding bands next to their engagement rings.

The beauty, shine and design of the engagement ring is amplified, if you add a wedding band to it that matches well with it. As the demand for wedding ring sets is increasing day by day, many jewellers are now selling the wedding band and the engagement ring together. In other words, these days wedding ring sets are available everywhere in the jewellery shops. For instance, if you are looking for blue sapphire rings for your engagement, you will also get wedding bands paired with the colour and the design of these rings. Even these days, different designs and styles of single rings are also available in the market that serve both the purpose.

Different ways to wear a wedding ring set

There are different ways in which you can opt to wear a wedding ring set. In general, the wedding band sits in a stack, beneath the engagement ring in the left ring finger. Sometimes, some brides, before their wedding, switch the engagement ring to their right hand, so that they can easily wear the wedding band on the left hand. Also, some brides change the position of both the rings, once the wedding is over. Some brides even get their wedding band and engagement ring welded together to get a chic and perfect look on their D day. If someone does not want to wear both the rings together, either in the same finger, same hand or on both hands, one can choose to wear either of the two after the wedding. It completely depends upon the individual on how she wants to wear her rings. There is no such rule which one needs to follow to wear an engagement ring and a wedding band. At the end of the day, it is your comfort and convenience that decides whether to wear the rings or not.

When to wear your engagement ring and wedding ring?

You must be knowing that you need to wear your engagement ring before your marriage and the wedding ring from the day of your marriage. In other words, the day you are proposed to, you have to wear your engagement ring everyday till you exchange vows. On the day of the wedding, you have to exchange the wedding band with your partner which symbolises commitment and eternity. After that you can either wear both the rings or any one of them.

Summing up
These are some of the basic things which you need to know about wedding ring sets. You just need to pair the engagement ring with your wedding band to get a classy and sophisticated look. You will get different types of wedding ring sets and bridal ring sets in UK of your choice.

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