Here’s how to use the Breathe Well Salve for skin

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in the last several months, we’ve having a few new things here at our Soap House. The whimsical holiday labels and limited edition scents for the holidays, and a variety of exciting new merchandise  have brought a sense of excitement here at the farm. It’s driven us to create more to serve our customers.

We at Bend Soap Company, we’re committed to creating products that provide a natural alternative to the products we normally use, but have discovered to not completely natural. We would Goat milk soap like everyone to be able to get rid of the harmful chemicals in their home and to change to pure, natural, and efficient skincare products that perform just as effectively without the harmful toxins. This is why we’re thrilled to announce an entirely new line of products to our store. We’re introducing our NEW Salve range: Defender Salve, Breathe Well Salve and Soothing Salve.

Defender Salve

If you’re already a fan of the feeling of slathering on your All Shield Goat Milk Soap or relaxing in a warm bath that is infused with a handful of All Shield Milk Bath, the Defender Salve will have your name written on it! The formula is based on a similar blend of essential oils as found on the other All Shield products — and with the added benefit of frankincense essential oilthe balm that soothes and nourishes is the ideal anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, as well as anti-inflammatory protection to soothe your skin and promote healing simultaneously.

Marilee Co-Founder of Bend Soap Company, loves applying a thin layer of this salve to replace Neosporin and antibacterial ointments for common “owies” and skin that’s in need of protection against bacteria and germs. If you apply it prior to applying a bandage, or apply it all on its own, make sure the skin is free of dirt and particles prior to application in order to reap the maximum benefits from using.

Make use of this versatile salve in a variety of ways:

  • It can be used in place of goat milk lotion creams, ointments and creams for antibacterial use and other topical treatments
  • Stop itching from bites of bugs
  • Apply the cream to cuts, nicks or burns. Apply to scrapes, nicks, burns and scrape
  • Apply a dab of healing cream to your back, face, and body for speedier the healing process
  • Apply this to the growing belly to prevent stretch marks that can occur during pregnancy.

Breathe Well Salve

Essential oil of aromatic eucalyptus is the primary element in the Brea the Well Salveas it provides benefits to promoting breathing deeper for people of all ages. Apply the salve to the back, chest or just under the nose for aid in a peaceful night’s sleeping when you’re feeling unwell. weather.

Marilee has tried the salve as a healthy alternative to the products for vapor rub and decongestant oil we can find in shops and is awestruck by the effectiveness of it. It is a more efficient application that is non-greasy as compared to other vapor rubs available and made of 100% natural ingredients that the Breathe Well salve could soon become an essential item in your home, particularly during flu and cold season.

  • Rub backs, chests or on the backs of the necks
  • Apply it liberally to noses that have become chapped due to the constant blowing.

Soothing Salve

With no essential oils or natural scent, the multi-purpose Soothing Salve was created with your delicate skin problems in your head. Its moisturizing layer can smooth, heal and shield all kinds of skin conditions from eczema and Psoriasis, as well as skin that is dry, irritated, or even irritation.

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Emma Thompson
Emma Thompson
Emma Thompson is a certified health coach and a fitness enthusiast. She is dedicated to helping people improve their overall health and well-being by adopting healthy habits and making positive lifestyle changes. With over 7 years of experience in the field, Emma has written extensively on a wide range of health topics, including nutrition, fitness, stress management, and holistic health. Her mission is to empower and inspire others to take charge of their health and transform their lives. In her free time, Emma enjoys hiking, practicing yoga, and experimenting with healthy recipes in the kitchen.