History of Bloomingdale’s Fur Vault

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Fur has an interesting history in fashion, a cherished fabric that often signifies luxury and style but has also raised some concerns with activists throughout the years. The passion behind the fur industry has created a lot of interesting stories, including the mystery of Bloomingdale’s Fur Vault.

Going on Bloomingdale’s website now, you won’t find any authentic fur coats. So what exactly is the Fur Vault and what happened?

History of Fur Coats at Bloomingdale’s
Fur coats have been sold at Bloomingdale’s since it was founded in New York in 1861. That’s because Bloomingdale’s has always been focused on the latest trends — their first product was actually a hoop skirt! In the 1860s, they also carried corsets and men’s garments, turning them into one of the first department stores by the next decade.

The large location in New York became a shopping destination, home to brands like Calvin Klein, DKNY, Ralph Lauren, and Dolce & Gabanna. Designer bags were flown in from Italy. Fashion shows and other events were held there in the 1940s.

There are now over 50 locations across the United States, all with stunning display cases and cutting edge fashion. They also had stores specifically for the sale of furs called The Fur Vault. But these locations were closed in 2021, moving the sales to online only.

What is Bloomingdale’s Fur Policy?
Bloomingdale’s can no longer sell clothing with real fur due to their animal fur policy, which aligns with the Fur Free Alliance guidelines. The store now uses faux fur only. They also no longer provide services for people who own fur coats, like storing and cleaning them.

“Our fur-free policy was developed in partnership with the Humane Society of the United States and in alignment with Fur Free Alliance guidelines, which allow ethically sourced fur that is a by-product of domestic farming, including sheep byproducts like shearling or sheepskin, and cow products like calf hair and cowhide,” reads the guidelines.

Where can you find Bloomingdale’s Fur Vault?
While the physical locations have been closed, you can still find Fur Vault products online. A company called Maximilian used to have their for coats at Bloomingdale’s. But that ended after 20 years together. Now, Maximilian has merged with The Fur Vault to open stores around the country and online.

Maximilian has established themselves as a luxury outerwear retailer specializing in real fur. Each piece is handmade and uses traditional techniques. Their experts have years of experience assisting clients in finding the right fur for their own needs and style.

While their pieces may no longer be in Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s, you can shop for these classy, stylish coats on their website.

Best Fur Coats from Fur Vault
Looking for the latest fur to add to your fashion collection? Here are some of the best pieces of the season.

Fox Sections Handbag
This bag screams fall with its warm and understated color palette. You’ll see orange, tan, red, and brown in this dynamic and bold bag. You can instantly make any outfit a statement with this handbag, which looks great paired with white or tan.

Hooded Mink Vest
Whether you’re doing a corn maze at night with your family or going on a romantic ice skating date, this hooded vest is perfectly warm while also being sleek and stylish. The hood adds an extra layer of comfort.

Rabbit Jacket
This colorless rabbit jacket is perfect for the slopes or the next holiday party. It’s white and fuzzy, giving off a comforting and cozy vibe. It’s still sleek enough, however, to work great in any environment. It’s stylish and flattering.

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