How Much Does Metal Roofing Cost? All You Need To Know

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A metal roof may be your top choice for your home, whether you’re sick of the conventional appearance of shingles or you’d like something more durable. Metal roofing is growing in popularity in today’s quest for the ideal rustic yet contemporary appearance.

If the cost of metal roofs seems out of reach, keep in mind that they have a lifespan of up to 70 years, which is far longer than that of the typical asphalt shingle roof. Additionally, in some circumstances, an existing roof can be covered with a metal roof to reduce the expense of a roof replacement.

What is Metal Roofing?

Several metals, including aluminum, copper, steel, tin, and zinc, are used to make metal roofing. They are available as tile, slate, or corrugated metal roofs. Due to its extended life span, sturdiness, low maintenance requirements, and excellent return on investment, installing a metal sheet on the top might be helpful if you’re trying to make a long-term investment. It is a one-time investment that can last 50 to 80 years or longer, depending on the type of metal utilized.

Can metal roofing be installed over a shingle roof?

The idea is to cover an old shingle roof with a brand-new metal roof. They can be installed without removing the current roof, which would take a long time and be expensive. Several variables influence the popularity of metal roofs. In contrast to the up to four pounds per square foot that asphalt shingles may weigh, metal is very light yet exceedingly durable. The overall weight the house structure must support is not significantly increased by adding a metal roof over pre-existing shingles.

In addition to avoiding the expense of replacing the old roof, installing a new metal roof over an existing one can provide additional insulation above your home to prevent heat and cold from escaping. Since we brought up insulation, we should also point out that metal roofs act as heat-blockers since they reflect heat rather than absorb it. This suggests that the extra insulation from your shingle roof won’t retain heat from your metal roof.

How much does metal roofing cost?

What is the price of a new roof? You must consider many of the same factors as any other roofing design to plan effectively and budget for a metal roof. Some expenses cannot be altered; others may be raised or lowered based on choices and careful pricing comparisons.


A building permit is usually required for a new roof. A roof is so crucial to a home’s structure that the building department wants to ensure that the materials and artistry are of good quality. For permit prices, speak with your town’s building department. Check these at the same time to avoid incurring a punishment later if you reside in a homeowners association that requires dues. If you’re altering the material or color of your roof, you might need to get extra permits or permission.

Geographic Location

Depending on where you reside, materials and installation costs might vary significantly. The West Coast, Hawaii, Alaska, and New England have the highest roofing installation cost. Prices are frequently lower in rural areas of the Midwest and South. Since you cannot alter where you live, your best course of action, if you reside in one of the more costly areas, is to obtain multiple quotes to ensure you get the most affordable contract.

Roofing Style

Metal roofs are offered in various distinct configurations. The most basic form of metal is a sheet, which may be flattened, ribbed, or crimped to alter look and utility. The cost of sheet metal for roofing ranges typically from $75 to $600 per square, depending on the material. Metal panels or strips with their edges folded together to form a ribbed seam are known as standing seam metal roofs.

┬áThis style’s added artistry drives the price to $200 to $1,000 per roofing square and increases the installation cost. The last option for metal roofing is to purchase strips that have been pressed or stamped to resemble individual shingles, shakes, or tiles. These strips range in price from $200 to $600 per roofing square.

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Labor and Installation

Installation of metal roofs entails considerable labor costs, which can be three to seven times as expensive as the materials themselves. Although labor costs are often $3,000, they can go to $10,000 or more when intricate constructions, pitched angles, and dimensions are considered. This file should include detailed information about the roof’s finish, such as drip edges, ridge caps, flashing, fasteners, gable edges, and ridge caps.

What elements affect a project’s cost to re-roof?

The location of the roof, the height of the eaves, and the complexity of the top (hips/dormers, valleys, etc.) all affect the cost. In addition, product choice, design, and installation costs are important considerations.

  • Product Kind:

Any roofing project’s cost is greatly influenced by the general type of product chosen and the family of goods within that category. Therefore, the second tier decisions include the product’s thickness and style/type, whereas the first tier may be whether to use metal or shingles.

For instance, concealed and exposed fastener panels are the two most common forms of metal roofing. The two types have substantial price differences for the products and the installation. Some concealed fastener systems cost more than exposed fastener systems on two-story houses with sophisticated roof designs, but they can cost less than asphalt shingles on plain gable roofs.

Additional Charges and Factors

There are other expenses besides the supplies, installation, and permits for a new metal roof. A roof’s ability to complement the house and wow the neighborhood can be determined by the quality of its preparation and finish work. While some of these components are optional, all of them must be taken into account.

Painting or Coatings

As metal roofing is received, zinc or an alloy of zinc and aluminum is frequently added. This will provide temporary roof protection. However, adding a polymer coating layer is an option if you want more durability, safety, and to stop haze, which can happen as the metal oxidizes. As an alternative, some homeowners choose painted roofs since their mental image of a metal roof differs from what can be achieved with bare metal. Roof sealing or painting typically costs between $300 and $1,500, depending on the size of the roof and the coating quality selected.