Leather wallet care and maintenance tips for men in Dubai

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Having a wallet is a necessity and an important essential in everyday life. And when we talk about wallets, they must always be durable and stylish to keep their owner within the fashion.

And for the reasons we mentioned above, getting a leather wallet is a no-brainer. Granted that a leather wallet may be costly, spending money on them is worth it.

Once you get a leather wallet, it should go without saying that you will need to take the time and effort to take care of it. After all, you will spend a tasty sum of money on purchasing it. Taking care of your wallet will allow you to look fashionable and also ensure that your wallet stays preserved for a long time.

So, what can you do to take care of your wallet? Stay tuned as we will mention all the leather wallet care and maintenance tips for men in Dubai.

Different Types of Leather Wallets

Knowing what kind of leather wallet you have goes a long way in being able to take care of it effectively. Five different kinds of leather wallets are commonly available on the market:

  • A Bi-Fold Wallet: This leather wallet is the most common type of leather wallet. These wallets are the ones that fold in half.
  • A Tri-Fold Wallet
  • A Checkbook Wallet
  • A Card Wallet: These leather wallets are ideal for carrying various cards.
  • A Money Clip Wallet.

1- Bi-Fold Leather Wallet:

As mentioned earlier, the bi-fold wallet is men’s most common wallet.

These wallets come in different types, varying by the materials used for making them. Since we are concerned with the leather wallets, we will stick with the leather bi-fold wallets.

Manufacturers usually design these leather wallets to feature one compartment for coins, one for carrying change, and another for carrying cards. The bi-fold wallets made from leather look most attractive and carries a constant inception.

2- Tri-fold Leather Wallet:

Tri-fold is much like bi-fold, but they are more spacious than them. Tri-fold wallets are not common since they are difficult to carry. Furthermore, it becomes difficult for people to store it in their packets. Hence, you will need to carry a bag, meaning you can’t integrate it into your daily life.

3- Checkbook Wallet:

Checkbook wallets are the right kind of wallets for people that have to use various cards since these are only suitable for carrying multiple cards.

These wallets come with a compartment for storing money, but the area for storing the money is very small. Nevertheless, checkbook wallets are secondary wallets for storing all your cards.

Checkbook wallets are a great choice for people carrying cards and documents. These wallets will allow you to carry all the documentation safely.

4- Specialized Wallets:

These wallets are only for allowing users to hold cards and business cards. There are no other compartments for anything. Hence, we suggest you carry a money clip if you go with a specialized wallet.

5- Money Clips:

If you are looking for the most convenient option, money clips are the way. Money clips are a great option, especially if you put many things in your wallets. The best thing about money clips is using them with your wallets.

As the name suggests, you can use the money clips and clip money to your wallet. With a money clip, you can put your documents, cards, and other items in your wallet and use money clips to store the money.

The money clips are simple, lightweight, and allow you to carry money sophisticatedly.

How to Take Care Of Your Leather Wallets?

Let’s get to the main point of this “Dubai leather wallets for men” guide. Here are some rules you must follow to take care of your leather wallet:

1- Never Stuff Your Leather Wallet:

Never stuffing the leather wallet is the number one rule of having a leather wallet. As important as leather wallets are for men, they usually put just about everything in them, including slips and documents and improperly keeping money.

Due to stuffing so many things in the wallet, it fills up. When your wallet fills up, the skin particles on your leather wallets become stretched, causing irreversible damage. You should stop if you have been stuffing your wallet too much.

Keep limited items in your wallet, including cards, important documents, and money. Throw away any old bills and expired coupons to ensure that you don’t put too much stuff inside your wallet.

2- Don’t Sit on Your wallet!

Most of the time, we don’t remember to take our wallets out of our pockets before sitting down. According to Voyej, your leather wallet will take on damage if it stays in your back pocket!

Not only does it impact the condition of your leather wallet, but sitting on your wallet will also negatively affect your body and health.

When you sit on your wallet, you apply a huge amount of pressure on the wallet’s surface, forcing the wallet’s lifespan to decrease. Furthermore, sitting on your wallet can also affect your posture and may result in back pain.

Hence, remember to take out your wallet to improve your health and wallet!

3- Where to Keep your leather Wallet:

If you have a leather wallet, ensure you do not leave it in places with high humidity or a wet place. The reason behind avoiding these conditions is that authentic leather goods contain a proportion of water. If your leather wallet becomes more humid, its skin surface structure becomes easy to peel, and the skin may also start to rot and break.

In the same way, you must not leave your leather wallets in places with dry or hot weather. The same goes for protecting the wallet from strong light, as it can make the leather of your wallet become hard, cracked, and dry.

You will also want to avoid holding your wallet when it’s either greasy or covered in coffee since both are catalysts for insects that may harm your leather wallet.

Store your leather wallet in a moisture-proof bag if you do not use it for long periods. Ensure that the conditions of the place where you store are cool and dry.

4- Ensure the Use of Correct Care Products:

While leather is a durable material, it is also fragile and needs proper maintenance. If you want to prolong the life of your leather wallet, protect your leather wallet from these three things since they can exponentially damage your wallet:

  • Dirt
  • Lack of Moisture
  • Excess

However, a leather wallet is easily prone to these three elements. However, you can use the following tricks to deal with if your wallet comes in contact with any of them:

Dirt – Cleaning the Wallet:

There is no possibility for a person to be able to save their leather wallet from getting dirty since things getting dirty is a natural phenomenon.

To ensure that your wallet remains clean, the foremost thing you can do is treat your wallet with some pre-made solutions designed specifically to maintain leather goods.

You can also ask the sales staff when buying a leather wallet about which cleaning product to use for cleaning the wallet. You can use a soft dry cloth to apply these cleaning solutions on your leather wallet to clean them.

While you will not need to clean your wallet frequently, it’s best to clean it at least once a month. However, ensure that you don’t use soap or cleansers on your leather wallet.

Wet – Drying the Wallet:

If your wallet comes in contact with water, you must dry it imminently!

Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe all the visible liquid on your leather wallet, and let the wallet dry at room temperature. Doing so will ensure that your leather wallet remains in immaculate condition and that the damages are minimal.

Abstain from using a dryer or placing your wallet in excessive heat since, as we mentioned already, exposing the leather contents to a higher temperature will lessen its life. Not only will its life lessen, but wrinkles will also likely appear on your wallet.

The leather covering may also come off in extreme cases.

Excess Dryness:

Wrinkles on your leather wallet indicate that the water content of your leather wallet is considerably lower, making your leather wallet turn dry. You must treat your leather wallet with moisturizers if you notice any wrinkles.

You must find a specialized solution to add moisture to your leather wallet. Ensure to use only natural products which won’t cause any side effects or harm to your leather wallet.

Make sure you don’t let your leather wallet become too dry before applying this remedy. If you do, your leather wallet will be beyond saving, and you will need to look for another one.

Final Words

And with all these tips, we would like to put our article to a close.

Leather wallets can go a long way in making your fashion ensemble complete. However, you would need to take care of them to last longer. After all, leather products only look good when taken care of well.

This article carries all the tips you need to know about for taking care of your wallets. Following these tips is a sure way of taking care of and maintaining your wallet.

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