Packing Instructions for an International move

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Getting a chance to move abroad for work or family commitments can be very exhausting in terms of packing your belongings. The quantum work involved in a move can only be told by the people who had to move internationally. The reason for it could be anything but planning smartly and effectively is the most important thing during a move. The whole family has to sit together and lay down a strategic plan ahead of them for the move. The Removalists Dandenong exactly know about the emotions a family goes through during the move hence they ensure the entire work is done without any glitches. The move can be very exciting, however forgetting any important item back home can be very difficult later on. 

The movers have dealt with the move of so many clients therefore; the basic suggestion that is being given by them to all is to categorise your belongings into three categories:

  • Ship- It means all the items that will be part of the new home.
  • Keep- The items that you cannot wait for while the shipment arrives.
  • Donate- The items which will be discarded or donated.

These are the few tips that should be kept in mind while packing for an international move

  1. Important Papers- While travelling locally or international it is evident that the documents of an individual are the most important thing to be carried along. The identification of any individual can only be done through the identity proof that is shown to various officers at an airport. The missing of any important document can bring the entire trip to halt, therefore planning for all the documents and getting them updated should be the priority over anything else. The most important documents to be carried along are:
    1. Passport
    2. Birth Proof Certificate
    3. Marriage Certificate
    4. Tax payable documents like ITR
    5. Visa papers
    6. Vaccination records
    7. Credit card
    8. Insurance papers
  2. Medicines– The medical kit of the entire family is very important to be carried along as all the medicines are not available in every country. Some countries have banned certain medicines and if you are taking one of them then it becomes challenging to source it. So, keeping enough stock while travelling is a smart move, and getting medical aid abroad is very expensive. All the generic medicines prescribed by your family doctor should be a part of your essential kit. This reduces trips to the doctor for minor things.
  3. Technical devices– All the electronic gadgets owned by you need to be packed along with the luggage but having a charging adaptor of international standards is very important for all your gadgets. The fact of not being in touch with your family can be very daunting due to your phone batteries being dead. The gadgets consist a major part of our daily life therefore forgetting something so vital can be challenging.
  4. ClothesMovers advise packing clothes according to the climate conditions at the new destination. If the destination is very cold, avoid carrying your woollens as they don’t work there. You need to purchase from the moving country only to save yourself from the chilling winds and cold. It is very difficult to pack bundles of clothes in those suitcases so packing them smartly is very important to adjust in little space. If you have a work from home concept then you don’t need to carry too many formals and if you plan to spend a lot of time on the beach then better carry enough swimwear along.
  5. Toiletries– The daily essentials to be used for getting ready are equally important to be kept in mind during the packing. The toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, conditioner, and perfume are a few of the items that make up the toiletry kit ready. The need to pack them is important as you don’t have to run on the very first day of your arrival to buy these essentials.
  6. Sentimental value objects– Moving abroad can be very taxing emotionally because of all the memories that have been spent in your last home. Therefore, carrying the items that make you feel at home should be part of your luggage. The old grandma blanket, coffee mug, or nameplate of the old house can be anything that makes you help control that separation anxiety. The smaller items can be packed into larger items to make room for more items and not make too many boxes to carry along.

Taking a piece of advice from the removalists Cronulla can be very helpful in figuring out what not to carry along for the international move. The electronic equipment like television and washing machine can be bought from the new place considering the electrical fittings used in the new home. The voltage used is different in every country. The movers guide clearly states not to carry that has never been used by you before ever. 

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