Shhh!: How to Quiet a Cranky RV AC System (4 Ways)

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Your RV’s AC system might be a godsend during the hotter months of the year, but boy is it a pain when they start to act up.

Some RV air conditioner systems can run at volumes higher than 60dB (that’s loud, nearly equivalent to the sound of city traffic) which, to say the least, is uncomfortable.

During the day, a noisy AC system can interrupt conversations and even make listening to the TV difficult; at night, it can mess with your sleep.

With that in mind, there are things you can do to bring down the noise levels. Consider some of these top tips to placate a grumbling AC system.

Check the Gasket; Tighten Loose Components
Your RV AC system’s main defense against noise is the rubber gasket between it and the roof mount that helps to cushion it and dampen vibrations that cause noise.

This gasket is made of flexible rubber and held in place by screws or bolts – but after thousands of miles on the road, those screws and bolts can come a little loose.

Get up there and make sure the works are still tight. Tighten screws and bolts to ensure the proper fit – but don’t overtighten, as that can damage your RV. Plus, if you overtighten, you can make the problem worse by amplifying vibrations.

The second possibility here is that your gasket has deteriorated from exposure to UV light or chemical attack. If that is the case, replacing it may help cut the noise.

Seal Cracks
Sound may also be getting in if there are any cracks or voids around where the system is mounted. Sealing these areas will serve two functions: it will prevent hot air from getting into your RV, and it will help keep noise to a minimum, too.

Add Insulation
While you’re up there working on the AC system, consider adding some insulation around the unit’s compressor, since this is the component that produces most of the noise.

Adding soundproofing materials around the compressor will absorb vibrations and help prevent rattling that both cause noise.

You can get insulation and soundproofing materials at most hardware stores and mount it using either hardware or adhesive fasteners.

Install an RV AC Silencer
Finally, it might make the most sense just to use an RV AC silencer that was built for the purpose of keeping noise down, especially if these other techniques just don’t cut it.

Consider an RV AC silencer like the WackO Products DA100 RV AC Silencer Kit.

This RV AC Silencer is designed for compatibility with GE or Dometic air conditioner systems and can install in under 15 minutes with just a screwdriver – no drilling is required.

The cover is made with a special sound deadening material that helps absorb and quiet the noise from the compressor, and it even features a recycled cotton duct liner that further improves acoustic performance – and insulation.

It’s capable of slashing the sound produced by an RV AC system by as much as 8 to 10dB, and this is not a linear scale; a 10 dB decrease cuts sound in half!

This RV AC silencer has some other nice features as well. For instance, it features an electrostatic air filter with a 4-layer weave design that is mildew resistant and does not degrade over time. It effectively traps dust, lint, and other airborne pollutants.

This silencer kit also features components that are easy to clean. Both the filter and cover can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth, respectively.

If you’re interested in an RV AC Silencer Kit like this one (or simply in seeing what else is available) visit RV Upgrades online at They carry a wide range of RV accessories, parts, and kits like these.

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