The value of a vibrant sky in real estate photography: Blue Sky Substitution

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What is Blue Sky Replacement exactly?

A post-production Real Estate Photo Retouching technique called sky replacement includes using digital tools to modify or replace the sky background in a picture. Real estate photos taken in less-than-ideal lighting conditions are commonly improved with it.

Why change the sky at all?

The late Ella Fitzgerald sang, “Blue sky gleaming at me”. “Blue sky are all I can see.” Those are certainly poetic phrases, but they do not apply to real estate photography, where it is usually necessary to wrap up a photo shoot while the sun is hidden by clouds.

However, one of the most important factors affecting how a customer interacts with a real estate listing, social media post, or website is the image quality.

It is crucial to display not just the best quality but also the most attractive images accessible in the fiercely competitive real estate market, where over 90% of online homebuyers prioritize photos as the most significant component on a listing website. After all, only about 20% of people’s time is spent reading your property descriptions and 60% of that time is spent looking at your real estate photos.

Additionally, 70% of agents claim that professional photography helps them increase the number of listings they have and boost their company brand. Additionally, the pictures get 61% more web views and hasten the sale of properties.

Even the best photographer, with the most cutting-edge technology, is unable to fully control every aspect of a photo shoot. It’s not always possible to get a perfect shot. Here’s when image editing comes into play. A blue sky replacement service can help you enhance your images after the fact if shooting conditions aren’t the best.

What does blue sky replacement actually mean?

As you are no doubt aware, post production and editing happen after a photo session. Editing software is used to import digital files to crop, change, and alter them. Experienced real estate photographers and editors provide services like twilight conversion and virtual staging, among others, and one of those services is a blue sky background. Both interior and outdoor images that show a view of the sky via the windows can use blue sky replacement.

A picture editor will choose a shot’s sky backdrop and swap it out for a vibrant and upbeat blue. But the editing process doesn’t end there. The rest of the image must be improved to blend with the new horizon in order for the altered shot to look natural. For instance, a photo editor must pay particular attention to the highlights and shadows as well as the possible colour effects that an increasingly bright and blue sky may have on objects in the image. An excessively bold or vibrant background or one with colors that clash with the rest of the composition can come off as unprofessional and unrefined. Similar to how a shot can look bizarre if an editor doesn’t look at how light affects trees, buildings, and other things.

Both art and science go into photo editing when it comes to real estate photo retouching. Photographers and photo editors who specialize in shooting blue skies hone their vision, sense of composition, and color perception. Knowledge of how light affects a subject. That holds true for both using a camera lens to frame an image and using a computer screen to enhance it.

Why would you want to replace your blue sky with a professional?

Today’s world produces technical advancements almost weekly. cameras, new cameras. modern cell phones. Brand-new software programs. Open homes are being broadcast online, and drones are used to film real estate advertisements. Tools are improving and becoming smarter, but they are also getting cheaper.

If there is a downside to technical developments and cost savings, it’s that many people, even agents, can be striving to provide “professional” services without having the skills or results to do so.

Some agents are skilled editors and photographers.

But for the vast majority of agents, this is not the case. This is clearly demonstrated by the abundance of subpar composed, lit, produced, and changed pictures that come with real estate listings on the MLS. Many agencies would profit from taking into account expert photos for their clients.

The time it takes to set up a photo shoot, assemble the equipment, take the pictures, and do all of the editing (including replacing the sky in some cases), can take a significant amount of time away from other responsibilities. While some agents undoubtedly have the skills to handle their own photography (some may also have a staff photographer on staff), this can be a challenge for those who have multiple responsibilities.


The majority of agents concur. More than 90% of agents, according to one study, think that professional photography is important, yet just 50% of them use it for all of their listings, and 15% don’t employ a professional photographer at all. On the other hand, real estate salespeople that only use high-quality photographs typically make higher commissions. Those who provide their customers with the best images also increase brand recognition.

A professional photographer will take hundreds of photos, choose a small number of them for editing, and deliver them to you quickly—typically, within 24 hours. Professional editors and photographers can produce better results faster. With a clear sky above.

Therefore, hiring a professional photography company might not only save up your time but also yield a respectable return on your investment. Packages for photography services start at less than $200, which is fairly affordable.

The purpose of Real Estate Photo Retouching and other expert editing tools is to draw clients to your listings, print advertisements (such as postcards and brochures), and website. Your photographs won’t have the impact you want or that your sellers deserve if they don’t radiate with vibrant color and fine detail while preserving a natural appearance.

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