Tourism Marketing: Virtual Reality and 360 Video

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Virtual Reality and 360° Immersive Videos are among the most Innovative and Emotionally Impacting activities currently declinable in Tourism Marketing Strategies .

I therefore want to mention a Case Study that I have personally followed: the Virtual Tour of the City of Fermo .

Virtual Tour of the City of Fermo

My working group and I participated in a call for  DarkComet tenders from the Municipality of Fermo in which we asked to promote some Multimedia Content developed by the City using Innovative Techniques and Procedures , with the aim of Valuing the Historical and Artistic Excellence of Fermo .


This led to the proposal, later accepted, of reconstructing the places of greatest interest in the historic center through the development of 360-degree Globular Views and Immersive Videos usable via Virtual Reality devices , such as Oculus Go or Google Cardboard .


The philosophy with which the project was approached was particular and well defined: the proposer (the Municipality) needed an Extremely Flexible Tool to Convey and Enhance the information related to the precious Cultural Heritage of the City, on the other hand the user with the need to access virtually and with just a few clicks physically inaccessible or difficult to reach places.


The solution was the implementation of the Virtual Tour of the Municipality of Fermo , a highly innovative and entertaining experiential marketing experiment . 

Video Marketing is the Winning Tool for Businesses

Proposing services and products for the Web and working on the construction and enhancement of the brand identity of numerous companies has allowed me to fully understand how creating and conveying quality content is highly strategic , I would say essential, within each campaign of Marketing and Communication.

Currently the main tool for companies to be able to position and circulate content is, without the slightest doubt, the video oriented to video marketing .

I say this for a number of reasons:

● Technological

Just think of the widespread use of the smartphone

● Sociological

Ours is a hyperactive society in which there is no time to stop and study every single input

● Communicative

Using text, images and audio, video makes the decoding task easier for the user.

It is for these quickly mentioned reasons that in recent years, together with my work group and collaborators, we have committed ourselves to engineering as much as possible the entire production process of videos aimed at video marketing.

An industrialization of production that allows us to supply turnkey videos in a very short time and with a decidedly winning quality-price ratio , covering all the production phases internally:

  • Copywriting
  • Storyboard drafting
  • Dubbing
  • Filming
  • Graphic animation

This speed of video content creation, connected to our Blogging and Integrated Management services of all Social Platforms , allows us to structure very articulated and highly appealing Editorial Plans for Corporate Communication which, clearly, is always aimed at achieving Results Tangible and Measurable .

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