Welcome ELearning! The Virtual Classroom For Convenience

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Gone are the days when one had to compulsorily go to classrooms to get their education. Welcome eLearning! A technology that allows a person to get educated, with minimum investment of time and money.

Classified as one of the points of Computer Based Learning, it is very important for us to know the concept in which eLearning is defined. Associated with Advanced Learning Technology (ALT), it commonly refers to the technologies and methodologies used with networks and multimedia in learning.

What is the market for eLearning?

One cannot be faulted for commenting that e learning unternehmen is a ‘horizon’ business at its nascent stage. $38 Billion of estimated revenue projected to grow at a rate of approximately 10% every year, one could look at the eLearning Business touching the $100 Billion mark in the next 6 years or so. eLearning is made effective by the developments in Internet and Multimedia technologies. What makes eLearning an exciting prospect are the sectors of eLearning – content, technologies, services, consulting and support sectors.

How is eLearning used nowadays?

  • Conventionally, eLearning is used as a tool to encourage distance learning. It allows students to complete their education without traveling anywhere. Thus, eLearning is succeeding in shrinking the globe as far as education is concerned. Now, students staying in China can complete a course offered by an institute in Germany without having to go to Germany.
  • eLearning courses are also used in terms of Blended Learning. Blended Learning allows multiple approaches to learning to be combined. This would mean that the online as well as physical resources would be added to provide education to students. Domains like Language Learning have started using Blended Learning models which include face-face teaching and interactive, electronic practice. The Virtual Learning Environment practice makes it possible for Blended Learning practice to succeed. In fact, the Virtual Learning Environment has been at the forefront of eLearning growth for the last 5 years. Virtual Learning Environments allow the courses and the content to be delivered in a flexible manner. They could be delivered on external platforms or as content specific course managed platforms. This allows the educational institute to integrate existing learning paths with games, listening exercises and other activities online.

eLearning as a tool succeeds as it has only one objective – To make learning and training an easy affair for students. Developers have gone ahead with design of eLearning solutions and programs with the use of variety of tools. All these efforts have been directed to contribute to the ease of learning.

It is important for the user of the eLearning tool or solution to decide if it is mandatory for his institute to integrate eLearning with the classroom e learning unternehmen practices. Though, it is not mandatory, it is extremely beneficial for users to integrate both.

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