Best Motorcycle Cameras – 2023

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The era in which greater costs correlated with higher quality is over. Now, a number of action cameras priced under $100 might compete with ones costing $300 and higher. Save the money and still get the ideal action camera for your excursions without having to defend spending a few hundred dollars.

You’ll learn about the top best action camera under $100 in this article, and you’ll have a better idea of what to search for. After all, if you don’t hunt for the proper specifications, your purchase is likely to leave you unsatisfied. Make your decision to purchase your next action camera more informed by using the advice provided below.

Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

Action cameras are the most common type of motorcycle helmet camera. This implies that while choosing a camera, you don’t have to go through a plethora of various camera kinds. To make sure you are getting what you need from the camera, you do need to pay attention to a few specifications.

Video quality

If you are purchasing a camera for your motorcycle helmet, it is likely that you intend to record footage of your rides. Because of this, video quality may be the most important factor. Focus on cameras with at least 4K resolution for high-quality footage. For seamless video, you’ll also need a high frames per second (fps) count.

Slow motion may be an option with higher frame rates, which might be wonderful for things like stunts and leaps or simply beautiful landscapes on your trip. You may choose between smooth footage at 60 frames per second and slow motion at 120 frames per second and higher.

Photo quality

Even though the majority of users will be using the helmet camera’s video feature, having the ability to shoot good photographs is also beneficial. The resolution, which is denoted by the letters MP or megapixels, is what determines the quality of an image. The quality improves with increased resolution.

But bear in mind that the cost will increase as the number of megapixels increases. If you won’t be shooting many still photographs or only require them for social media posting, you may get away with a lesser quality. Most likely, 12MP will be sufficient. But, if you want to make large prints or appreciate having the best quality possible, look for something over 20MP.


Unfortunately, recording audio from a helmet cam may be challenging. Nevertheless, recording audio on your rides might be a useful tool. To begin with, even when the motorcycles are off, the camera’s position—away from your lips on the exterior of the helmet—can result in garbled audio. Additionally, it is quite hard to record a voice over wind and engine noise using simply the camera after the bike is started and you begin your ride.

Look for a camera with an integrated microphone if you only intend to record sounds while the engines are off. You might also want to compare where the microphone is positioned on the camera to where it will be on your helmet by looking at where it is on the camera.

You’ll need to spend money on a microphone system or have a camera with an integrated communications system if you want to record audio while riding. You will be able to use common action cameras like the GoPro if you have a microphone setup. You may also use a camera and communications system to capture both your personal comments on the trip and conversations with your friends that you have while driving.

The best motorcycle helmet cameras in 2023

Best overall: GoPro Hero10

Why it was chosen: With outstanding stabilisation, gorgeous 5.3K footage, and a quick GP2 processor, the GoPro Hero10 is the best option for capturing any adventure or activity.


  • Photo resolution: 23 megapixels
  • Video quality: 5.3K at 60 fps
  • Weatherproofing: Yes
  • Stabilization: Yes

Best action: Insta360 One RS Twin Edition

Why it was chosen: With this modular camera, you may record wide-angle or 360-degree movies at resolutions of up to 5.7K and 4K, respectively.


  • Resolution: 48 megapixels
  • Video quality: 5.7K 360-degree lens, 4K Boost lens
  • Weatherproofing: Yes
  • Stabilization: Yes

Best 360: Insta360 One X2

Why it was chosen: The One X2 delivers stunning 5.7K footage with genuinely remarkable stabilisation and fewer frills than other alternatives if you almost solely want to capture 360-degree films.


  • Resolution: 18.4 megapixels
  • Video quality: 5.7K 360-degree
  • Weatherproofing: Yes
  • Stabilization: Yes

Best with communicator: Sena 10C EVO

Why it made the cut: The Sena 10C EVO is a superb communications tool and camera with exceptional audio quality and 4K 30 fps video.


  • Resolution: 12 megapixels
  • Video quality: 4K at 30 fps
  • Weatherproofing: No
  • Stabilization: None

Best budget: AKASO V50 Elite

Why it was chosen: The AKASO V50 Elite is a budget-friendly GoPro substitute with 4K 60 fps footage, image stabilisation, and a waterproof case included.


  • Resolution: 20 megapixels
  • Video quality: 4K at 60 fps
  • Weatherproofing: Yes
  • Stabilization: Yes, with case

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Final Thoughts

Motorcycle helmet cameras are a fantastic method to record your rides and share any amazing vistas you may come across. The majority of the cameras on our list are highly handy for more than just your motorbike rides despite their often high price tags.

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