Bowed Basement Wall in Foundation Repair

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Families are busier than ever, we fail to notice small things going on in the world around us. When you are able to notice that your foundation repair Utah might need to be repaired, you might not be aware of which wall you’re looking at. If you’ve walked into your basement, and you think that you can see walls that are bent, your eyes may not be fooling you.The burden of your home and its contents is resting on the basement’s walls. If you notice these wall bows in your basement, it’s an indication of foundation issues.

A bowed wall happens where the middle section of the basement wall gets forced out by the pressure of exterior soil. As soon as this begins the wall will be pushed out further and further as time passes. This results in an extremely unstable foundation of your house. When these walls begin to bow, they create cracks that expose your house to a variety of elements. This includes dirt, rain, groundwater, small rodents, and insects. If they are not addressed the wall will eventually fall. If your basement’s wall bowing, it’s time to contact a professional and examine the foundation. The experts from Atlas Piers can give you the most effective solution for your basement wall that is bowing in Atlanta.

The pressure that comes from the outside soil could be due to excessive moisture in the soil surrounding your foundation, which is known as hydrostatic pressure. The pressure then gets applied to the walls of your foundation. There could be a problem with drainage from your home in addition to water that is not controlled or excessive compaction of the soil.

Bowing Wall Repair Atlanta

The possibilities offered by Atlas Piers offers for your wall’s bowing repair in Atlanta is contingent on the problem. Helical tieback anchors It is the best solution to strengthen and stabilize basement walls that are bowing. Utah residential helical piers anchors are usually placed within the basement wall via an opening that is covered following the installation. External excavation is then completed and the tieback anchors helical bring the basement walls back in accordance with their original design.

Push piers made of steel is the most popular foundation repair products that is used in the present. The piers are driven one at a time into the soil , and then test for load after the their installation. The steel push piers can be employed to strengthen and stabilize the walls of your structure that bear loads.

Helical Piers offer lateral support to support bowing basements as well as walls for retaining. They are a great option for foundation repairs when there are the foundation is not able to support heavy structural loads, weak basements of rock or extremely heavy load-bearing layers are in place. Atlas Piers uses the highest quality products manufactured from Earth Contact Products (ECP), the leading manufacturer of products for foundation repair in the field. Atlas Piers of Atlanta has been in operation for over 25 years, and has offered solutions for a variety of projects ranging that range from small residential projects to commercial ones. Contact us with any basement bowed wall repair Atlanta demands.

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