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As a business owner , or an entrepreneur, you may enjoy the option of deciding your schedule of work, but that doesn’t mean that it’s more easy to find a balance in your work-life. In fact, a research done by Melissa Milkie and her colleagues at the University of Toronto found that those who decide their own hours of work and work for more than 50 hours per week are likely to have more, and not less, conflicts with their work.

If it seems like the work never stops Making changes to the way you work could decrease your workload, allow life coach in my area more time for leisure activities and avoid burning out. Here are three strategies to help you manage your time at work.


If you’re only starting out it’s possible that you’re not in a position to delegate much of the work you’re doing to get your company on the right track. Experts say that after three years, you shouldn’t put in 70 hours per week. Making the right hiring decisions, and preparing properly, will prevent your from being the equivalent of two employees.

Be Productive

There are a myriad of distractions that can distract us from our task This doesn’t just mean the obvious ones such as social media. You could get distracted from your primary goals through emails or calls. If you’re not getting the results you’ve set out to achieve each week, take an closer look at how you’re working and think about implementing a new way of managing your time.

Segment Smarter

Work-life balance doesn’t have to mean adhering to the standard working schedule of Monday through Friday, 9-5 and not working the remainder during the work week. It could be that the combination of dynamic leadership coaching work and non-work time throughout the week will be more beneficial for your workflow and schedule. As an example, managing emails at night when you’re not distracted could aid you in getting through your inbox quicker and perform more efficiently next day, freeing more time for an unrelated activities. For certain people who are stressed, health issues can indicate that their balance between work and life is not in order. Concentrating on the way you use your time off will allow you to get the most value from your free time you have. In a blog post from a few months ago, I suggested three ways to alter your life that in improving your mental and physical health.

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