The three pillars to finding the right mood with your music.

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Without music, there is nothing (or at least very small) emotion (mute the video or film and watch what happens). To understand which kind of music will be the best for your edit, take a take a look at these 3 components.


The pace of a film depends on how it was altered (transitions as well as cuts in between scenes). If the film cuts between shots and the next one very quickly and you’re able to guess that the video companies near me music will to require an increased BPM because it must also be able to keep up with the speed of the cuts or the changes to the footage. It is common for this to happen when it comes to scene of the wedding party that have a lot of motion in the scene and it’s possible to cut between guests, the couple dancing to footage of DJs, guests drinking, and lots of other wedding things that occurs when guests are drinking and decide to have a party!

If you’re using shots that are more long in length or contain slow dissolve transitions you’ll want something that has lower BPM to show the slower speed.

Colour Pallette/Style:

The colors you’ve got in your scene can aid you in determining the best type of music that works well with your film. Generally, warmer colours will naturally fit better with more uplifting music (although can work well with something a bit more melancholic/nostalgic sounding). While darker colors are more natural to go with more grittier and deeper sounding music. The dark colors in wedding films do you think? Don’t be amazed – there’s an abundance of stunningly unique wedding videos which are experimenting with all kinds of styles that are artistically diverse. Here’s an excellent example from Super Weddings:


Narrative is a crucial element in every form of storytelling. That’s precisely what you’re doing in the wedding film. It’s telling the story of their day. The way you tell your story is a choice of the artist and , in the video production services near me same way that you, as the editor decides to concentrate on when telling their story is a creative decision. Similar to how you arrange your photos visually tells the story, the soundtrack is a narrative as well. The music moves up and down in intensity, depth, and strength, and this way, it leads the listener on a emotional journey. You must ensure that both the musical and visual narratives are in sync to create the greatest impact.

There are many ways of editing your image: cut to music or score music onto the image. Both workflows are legitimate methods of working, but prior to recently you’d have to have an extensive budget to pay an artist compose music for your film. With Filmstro you’ll be able to just access the world’s only and largest library of dynamic music and the momentum and power sliders, you can create the soundtrack that fits the wedding film you’re making perfectly. Read our quick description below:

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